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Success Stories

There is a success story behind every match made at Each couple has a different story to tell – read on to find out how their experience at m4marry helped them find their perfect life partners.
Success Stories:
Bipin David & Jemi Moncy
m4marry helped my sister to find her partner . It was a hassle free experience using m4marry. Thanks to m4marry.
Dipu Sam J Thomas & Silpa Samuel
By God's grace we have met each other in M4marry and bound in love forever.
Anish Baby John & shney
Allen Issac & Shiji George
Arun Thomas & Priya Daniel
We met in June 2017 on M4Marry. We got married on April 2, 2018. Thanks to M4Marry for helping us find each other. We wish everyone on this site the very best in finding his or her better half. -Arun & Priya
Sibi Mathew & ANUJA MATHEW
BY God" Grace we met each other through M4marry .com
Arun Mathew & Dorin D Thomas
Thank you for m4marry!!!!!
Thomas Varghese & Lincy
Thank you M4marry for finding perfect match.
Sabu Koshy & Rhia Mariam George
Though we both were in m4marry for quite a long, but weren't able to find each other. Just because of the height constraint which i have kept for my partner was slight higher. The day i changed that constraint i found my love. Like the saying, "Your better half will come to you only when the right time comes", it happened just like that. God has a plan for everyone and that plan cannot be changed. Those who are in search of a life partner, we wish you all the very best.