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Success Stories

There is a success story behind every match made at Each couple has a different story to tell – read on to find out how their experience at m4marry helped them find their perfect life partners.
Success Stories:
Dinu & Jeswin
We have been looking for the perfect blend of the hearts, and I could find mine through M4 Marry. Thanks to M4 for my soulmate.
Gogi & Preenu
Thanku for m4marry.
Jithin & Vinaya
I met my soulmate thru m4marry. Thanks a lot.
Vivek & Navya
Thank you M4 Marry for helping me to find my soul partner.
Alvin & Dona
Thank you m4mary for bringing us together
Thomas & Abina
Thanks M4marry for finding my soulmate
Arun & Dr Neethu
Thank you M4marry for bringing us together.
Noby & Neenu
Thanks m4 marry for letting us find eachother.
Joel & Sheba
I'm glad to have found her and thanks to M4marry. I came accross her profile in the beginning of joining M4marry. Sent request after few months. From there everything happened so fast and I'm really happy. It's been one month and happy to share the wedding day with my brother and his wife too. It was god's plan. Both our wife's name being the same;happened unplanned.