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  • we would like to thank god for getting us together. Thank you m4marry finding my soulmate.

    Dr.ahana & Abin
  • "Marriage is the divine union of a man and a woman. Thankyou m4marry for helping us to find eac...

    Adv.Tintu Mathew & Eapen A Koshy
  • Thank You m4marry for helping us to find each other.

    Jincy Eldhose & Tintu Paul
  • First of all we thank almighty for uniting us through m4 marry....would lik to thank m4 for their ki...

    Jesly John & Binu vargis
  • thanks m4marry team.

    Linta Mary Raju & abey thomas
  • Thank you m4marry service & Tibbin
  • “Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends.” ... Prayers & Thank...

    Rincey Raju & Tinu Raj
  • Thank you M4marry for helping us find our soul mate.

    Shruthi Mary Thomas & Sanoy Samuel
  • Thank you m4marry..

    Sneha Varghese & Joseph varughese
  • First of all thanks to m4marry to help me for finding my better half, a good friend, a partner and a...

    Neethu Elizabeth Peter & Cibi
  • Got the love of my life through M4Marry , Thank you so much for giving the best partner of my Life ,

    Jeena John & Tony Loyd Figueiredo
  • We would like to Thank God for getting us together.Thank you m4marry for finding my soulmate>>

    Chinju Ansu Tharian & Liju Thomas
  • Thank you M4 Marry team for giving me such a lovely life partner......

    Simi & Shibu
  • Thanks Team m4marry.

    Bowmya & Ajeesh K N
  • We would like to thank the Almighty for bringing us together and also m4marry for helping us to find...

    Asha & Alex
  • Thank you m4marry for finding my perfect soulmate.

    Jini John Alappat & Sam George
  • By god's grace we are united to be one. Thank you m4marry for helping us find each other.

    Steffy & Jain George Joseph
  • Blessed

    Reena Anna Raju & Renju Varghese
  • Even though we are from same hometown and our houses at walkable distance, it took m4marry to connec...

    Ashlyn Benny & Renjith George
  • Thank you m4marry to find my partner.. thanks to almighty.....

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