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Success Stories

There is a success story behind every match made at Each couple has a different story to tell – read on to find out how their experience at m4marry helped them find their perfect life partners.
Success Stories:
Nithin Alex John & Dr Godly Sara Sabu
Thank you M4Marry for giving a suitable partner for my daughter
Anoop.P.Ninan & Sherin Mary Isacc
Gods decision fulfilled through M4 marry..............Thanks
Manu Jacob & Dr Rosa Mariam Mathew
In His time, He makes all things beautiful.......
Manu Jacob & Lisa Elizabeth
We found love in each other through m4marry.
Alex Augustine & Anu Sara Raju
Finding someone with great match is all about grace of God.We both believe that and lot of thanks to m4marry. its a great platform for finding our soulmate.
Feby & Nimisha
Thanks M4marry for joining us!!!
Anish Abraham Mathews & Sherin Mariam Roy
I found my partner Sherin through m4marry. Became a premium member in September 2017. We met each other and both of us said Yes. Our families were happy with each of our profile. The marriage date got fixed in January 2018 and we got married in May 2018. Above all by the grace of God everything went well. Also thank you m4marry.
Binoy John & Maneesha Mariyam Babu
Thanking m4 marry for helping me to find my better half................
Sanish & Teena James
Thanks M4marry for being the platform to bind us together.